Sunday, April 13, 2008

Battling Browsers

About a month ago I did a post on Flock and how much I liked it and that I was going to try it as my main browser. Just days after doing this Apple came out with a new Safari update that made it incredibly fast and suddenly I'm torn. Then days later Firefox comes out with version 3 in beta so I give that a try and boy, is it fast too.

So now I'm really confused as to which one I want to use. Safari is still fastest and is closely integrated with Leopard but I still can't make posts to Blogger in it so I have to use Firefox or Flock.

I've made Safari my main browser with Flock as secondary mainly for Blogger posts, but I find I keep coming back to Flock more and more, it's just so much more fun to use and some sites just don't work with Safari. Firefox 3 was very fast but a bit unstable, Safari is faster and more stable and Flock is more fun and more stable.

In a recent MacWorld they did a review on browsers and both Safari and Flock got the best ratings at 4.5 mice but they didn't say too much about Flock and gave no real reason why they gave it so many stars. They also said Safari was good in Blogger but that's absurd, Safari has never been good for creating posts in Blogger, all kinds of weird things happen if I try and use it and it's never been one of Blogger's supported browsers, and it's never been able to work with any of Google apps except Gmail. Odd. So I still have Safari as my main browser so when I click on a link in Mail or elsewhere I get Safari's speed, but most of the time I spend web surfing I use Flock, as well as for Gmail and Blogger.

The Flock people say when Firefox 3 gets out of beta they will upgrade Flock to it which should add some speed and then I will be able to settle on a single browser. I hope.

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