Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Divided We Fail

This is something from AARP where they are trying to end partisanship in the federal government. They want Democrats and Republicans to work together for common goals. Here is what they say their goals are:
We believe that access to health care and long-term financial security are basic needs that all Americans share.
Sounds nice, doesn’t it? All of us united in doing the best for our country and the people in it. There is one basic flaw in that reasoning - the entire reason we don’t have universal health care or financial security right now is because the Republicans have been fighting it tooth and nail for the last 40 years. How do you ally yourself with the very people who have caused this problem in the first place?

The Republicans’ big break came with Ronald Reagan, he launched modern Republicanism and it has culminated in it’s highest form with George Bush. The main principal of this movement? Funnel wealth upwards from the poor and middle class to the top one percent. And they have been doing it, it’s accomplished because all they have to do it yell “The Democrat will raise your taxes” and people get upset. No one don’t even bothers to check out if it’s true or false, it’s like a little panic button the Republicans have been hitting for so long it’s now become automatic.

Bush lowered your taxes (although he lowered them more for the wealthy). Has this made you better off? The price of gas alone negates whatever small tax cuts you might have gotten and that is just one thing, there are many, many more things that have cost you dearly. And it is so much better having your money going to Exxon than the government, right? The dollar is now worth one third less than what it was when Bush came into office, this means everything from overseas now costs more so prices are rising everywhere because we no longer manufacture anything in this country.

Another beauty of a scheme, Reagan lowered regulations that prevented corporations from moving their operations overseas for the very cheap labor and lack of unions, so all the corps did just that, now that the dollar has dropped they are making even more because all overseas holdings have increased in value and they get more money for all imports.

And with everyone scared about losing their jobs and health insurance - or actually losing them, we are too poor and desperate on a daily basis to make a fuss and fight back. So very few marches and protests these days, and when there are the media, all owned by corporations, don’t cover it.

Bottom line is there can’t be any unity - unity just means we will be screwed again because the Republicans are responsible for the way things are right now. They will continue to fight against the very things we want to the bitter end. The only hope we have to bring back a strong middle class in this country is to get rid of the Republicans and put in Democrats. Sure, Democrats are flawed but they are all we have to work with. Even minor changes in the laws can make huge differences in the American way of life, which is rapidly disappearing. Another 4 years of a Republican President will end the American Experiment in Liberty and doom us to being a third world country for decades to come.


Village Green said...

I think you mean that they want to end "partisanship." Bipartisanship will only work if both sides agree to split the proceeds equally. In this greedy world, that doesn't seem particularly possible.

KevinBBG said...

I fixed it, I just hate typos.