Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drill Baby, Drill!

Rudy Giuliani has gotten credit for this new slogan that gets Republicans all fired up but it was actually Michael Steele who coined the phrase at the Republican Convention. And it's really just another Republican scam.

The Democrats in congress are about to pass a bill that allows off-shore drilling and are taking a lot of flack for it, flack that is undeserved. Bush removed the moratorium against off-shore drilling that had been around for decades, which means that after September 30 they can just start drilling anywhere they want. This bill is to reign them in with very specific limitations. They have to drill no closer than 50 miles from shore and they have to get the permission of the state where the shore is. If the state says no that ends it.

Yet Democrats have said that no oil company person has said they want this. It's been said they don't currently have any equipment for off-shore drilling and haven't planned on getting any. Plus they already have millions of acres leased from the Feds for the purpose of oil drilling that they are NOT drilling on right now. Why even bother to go for the much more expensive off-shore drilling when they have all those empty on-shore acres they can drill for the next 20 years before even getting started on off-shore drilling? And their processing plants to turn oil into gas are now working at capacity, so what do they need more oil for and how would it help us?

Because it's a scam. McCain managed to convince a large portion of the public that off-shore drilling is a solution to high gas prices so people want it and the Republicans are milking it for all it's worth. It's pure political pandering with no relationship in reality. Kind of like most Republican philosophies.

Sadly, most of America has been fooled by them again. I'm afraid I have to admit now that Americans really are just plain stupid.

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