Monday, September 1, 2008


Major hurricane hitting New Orleans this morning. Almost all of the coast down there has been evacuated as the authorities overreact as usual. The reason so few left during Katrina is because they have issued evacuation warnings for decades and it was never needed. No reason to think it was needed then, or now. Those in charge just can't afford to have a repeat of Katrina. Anyway, I hope the damage is very small and no one gets killed.

The real irony here, that everyone seems to have failed to notice, is that last week James Dobson called on his followers to pray for rain during Obama's acceptance speech last Thursday because he chose to have it at Mile High Stadium instead of indoors. It didn't rain then but now we have MAJOR rain that has shut down the Republican convention, at least for today. Christians are really big on seeing signs from god, well this is one that slaps them in the face - hard, and I bet they fail to see it. Clearly god is voting for Obama.

It's also fun to watch the Republicans turn schizophrenic. They hate government and think it can't function well, yet are stuck in a situation where they HAVE to make government function well or suffer very bad press. And they have to provide aid to poor and multi-colored people when what they really want to do is leave them on their own. The core of the Republican philosphy is don't depend on government help, it's every man for himself. Now they have to pretend they care and have to make government good. I bet it's killing them. I certainly hope it's painful.

And I think losing a few days of their convention is going to hurt their chances of winning quite a bit. But they have to cancel much of it or look like the assholes they really are. God sure is a little devil, isn't he?

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