Friday, September 5, 2008

Walter Reed General Hospital

Was anyone as puzzled as me as to what the heck was behind McCain while he was giving his big speech last night? My first thought was "One of his houses?" Here it is:

No clue as to what this thing is. And so badly done that in close up McCain had nothing but this ugly green behind him, really bad visuals.

Turns out it's Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, California. Say what? Why the heck would they put up Walter Reed Jr. High, from the Valley, no less?

The only thing anyone has come up with is that they were trying to put up Walter Reed General Hospital. However, this is what that looks like:

Has McCain put together a whiz bang crack staff or what? Or what? seems to be the answer. What if they make this kind of mistake while McCain is meeting with the head of a powerful Middle Eastern country? Fatwah!! McCain has to run for his life to get out of the country and the entire Middle East declares war on us and refuses to sell us any more oil.

Yeah, President McCain would be a force to reckon with alrighty.


Village Green said...

I didn't watch it. Why is it that the people I can't stand hearing or seeing are the ones who get elected into the highest offices?

KevinBBG said...

Because you are a left wing radical - like me. I didn't watch much, just happened to tune in when the high school was there.