Saturday, February 7, 2009


Rachel Maddow's TV show is getting better all the time. She has now developed this commentary with her unique touch. Basically is what she is doing is showing what everyone - including the media - is saying about something then giving the REAL facts. You know, the way the news media USED to be. With this one she nails the Republicans for the lying sacks of bullshit they really are. They don't care about the country or Americans, all they care about is their own careers, their political party and the wealthy elite, in that order. Rachel gives some real facts on how they are trying to sabotage the presidents stimulous package because - like Rush Limbaugh - they want to see Obama fail. If he doesn't fail and improves the economy that means pretty much the end of the Republican party. So they put their own self interest above the nation, they WANT people to get fired and for the economy to continue downhill, even though real Americans will suffer because of it. But watch Rachel's video below, she puts in in such a way as to prove beyond any doubt that this is what's happening.

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