Friday, February 27, 2009

Texas Teacher suspended for being "Liberal" and an "atheist"

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This is a blog written by Brad Watkins about Richard Mullens a school teacher in Brookeland Tx. I only visited Texas once, 20 years ago I managed to make a business trip into Austin. I loved Austin and the people I met and loved the food, as a snooty Southern Californian I expected to meet only cowboy hicks and instead was pleasantly surprised. I’ve never been back because it was mid August and it was in the 90’s, both the temperature and the humidity.

But, apparently, there are places in Texas that will fit my stereotypes perfectly:
Mullens has been the victim of a smear campaign and a slew of unethical practices, based solely on his religious and political beliefs. I have received numerous calls today from area parents, and concerned local residents who feel that Mr. Mullens is a good teacher, who has encouraged and inspired his students to think critically, and independently and is innocent of all charges, both spoken and written. In fact the administration of Brookeland High School made attempts to urge students to sign a list of alleged chargers against Mr. Mullens of which over 100 students out of 103 refused to sign.The students attempted to present to the Board of education a petition in support of Mr. Mullens and refuting any charges of inappropriate language made against him. The Principal of Brookeland High School, not only refused to take this petition to the board but forbade the students from such actions. Mr. Mullins is being railroaded by a School board of which all of those who support his removal are members of the same church.
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