Saturday, February 21, 2009


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I've been really depressed since Darcy died and it seems to be getting worse. I've been stuck with massive indecision that has been paralyzing, which is very unlike me. I usually make decisions instantly and don't ever regret them and never have any fear about it.

So I went out and bought some computer stuff! I'm typing this right now on my brand new MacBook, what fun. It's really a nice little computer, seems very fast, but we'll see if that holds up when I'm using photoshop.

I also got 2 new Wacom tablets. My old ones are 6 years old now and grungy looking, and worse, seem to be losing sensitivity. I do airbrushing and drawing in Photoshop and can't have the tablet malfunctioning. I went for the smaller one, 6x8, instead of the 9x12 that the old ones were. It made sense at time to have the larger one especially since I have 2 monitors, but the truth is all that real estate to move across is slow & tiring and the damn thing is HUGE on my desk. I can't get the keyboard in the right position because of it. I tried mini keyboards but don't like them, I need the numbers pad on the right. Now with the new, smaller Wacoms I can move across the screens very fast, and my keyboard now fits - it's great!

And, of course, I had to get an Airport Extreme so the MacBook can connect to the internet at

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a good speed. My last one is a first generation Airport, 6 years old and really, really slow. Didn't matter much because the old iBook was Darcy's and she only used it for internet access and playing movies and didn't use it very often, but I intend to use the MacBook quite a bit.

And then I had to to get an iPod Touch and a new printer that also copies and scans! It's long bugged me that I can't do any scans at home but have to do it only at work, but for a long time another scanner was way too expensive. Now with the new all in one printers, copiers, scanners the whole thing only cost $70.

Then there was the 2 hours to set up the Airport Extreme. Networks really confuse me because I do the same thing 5 times until it works the final time. Why it didn't work the other 4 times is a complete mystery.

Then I had a major problem with the Wacom Tablet, it just stopped working completely, cursor would not move at all. At first I thought the iMac was frozen, but the Apple mouse worked fine. I restarted and it still didn't work. I couldn't figure it out and was getting very frustrated, then I realized I was using the pen from the old tablet. Sigh.

I've been rather disappointed in the iPod. It's hard to find good games the way they set up the app store. Then I found that all the fonts on the thing are way too small. I have reading glasses to use the computer but they aren't strong enough for really small type and things, which means I'll have to buy a second pair of reading glasses with a higher magnification, what a hassle. Got all my songs on there, though as well as a couple Audiobooks and a couple books to read. I do like the fact that Google maps has it's own application. But then again there were network problems. I found the network I had set up with the Aiport Extreme but it had problems connecting. I tried it 3 times but no go. Then I tried Safari and it connected, so it's working and but the sign on failed. I hate networks.

But it's all working now except the printer because I haven't taken it out of the box yet. That will be an easy set up and I'll do it later tonight. One cool thing is the Airport has a USB plug for a printer so I will be able to print from the MacBook. While working on all this I wasn't depressed at all, and feel a bit better in general. It's good to get my mind occupied, maybe even write in here more often.
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Village Green said...

It is your duty to purchase as much new computer equipment as possible -- we must all do our part to stimulate the economy! I know I am working at it.

Agreed -- setting up things like networks are nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Hang in there Kev.

KevinBBG said...

Well, I've kind of maxed out on what I could buy over there, at least for a while. I still need a hard drive or 2 but don't HAVE to have them right now. It's always stressful on me to spend a lot of money like that, but it sure is fun to have stuff.

I've long said that the people who say money can't buy happiness don't know where to shop. I know how to really enjoy my stuff after I've gotten through the trauma of spending the money.