Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bill Maher

I'm a big fan of Real Time with Bill Maher and never miss a show. I'm constantly amazed at how knowledgeable he is on so many subjects, but this week he really let me down so I fired off an email:

I was very disappointed with you on Friday's show, usually you are very well informed but you let one lie and one error go from your very annoying English guest. First of all Partial Birth Abortion is not a medical term, it's made up by the Christian right for propaganda purposes, second of all, it is never used on a viable baby. Abortion past the 2nd trimester is illegal in most, if not all, 50 states. This procedure is done only when the fetus is NOT viable and the mother's life is in danger. So no late term abortions of a healthy fetus are happening, yet you let that clown say that's what was happening. What the Supreme Court ruling means is a woman MUST submit to the far more dangerous and invasive C Section surgery.

The other thing you should have commented on was his statement of what happened when we pulled out of Vietnam. Yes it was true but all the years we spent in Vietnam did not prevent that from happening in any way, it just got a lot more people killed on all sides before it happened. This is the same thing in Iraq, whatever will happen there when we pull out, and we must pull out eventually, WILL happen. We could spend 10 more years there, get many Americans and Iraqis killed, bankrupt our country, and it will still happen when we pull out. All we are doing is keeping a lid on things by force, not solving any problems. The longer we stay the greater the problems become as more and more resentment is built up on all sides and the worse our leaving will be. There is no way we can stay long enough to prevent anything from happening. The Soviets held a lid on Yugoslavia for 50 years but all hell still broke loose when they pulled out.

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