Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Backyard

This is the view right now from my patio. Some months ago the apartment owners decided to do a major renovation of the entire complex, since this involves 8 large buildings and the grounds surrounding them this has been one big project. Didn't bother me for a long time since I'm in building #7, but they finally got to me a couple months ago. Since then there have been major hassles with the patio blocked off, loud machinery running all day long and various other annoyances. At first I was glad they were starting up front and wouldn't get to me for a while, now I see that was very bad. They got all the front building done amazingly fast, by the time they got here they must have gotten tired because they are now as slow as molasses. All last week they had a back hoe in here tearing up the lawn, so this is the sight I've had to view for the whole weekend, and it's been very cloudy all day, making things dim, cold and feeling like I'm in a foreign land without modern amenities. All the neighborhood cats have been delighted, like all cats they think everything is all about them so they think people were nice enough to build giant cat boxes just for them.

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