Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Tudors Part 2

They hooked me in again. One comment about Francis of France being capture by the Spanish army and I'm searching the web to find out about it. He was indeed captured and spent some time in Madrid until he was ransomed, he ruled France for 32 years and Carlos of Spain was his nemesis the whole time, and Henry never did get to rule France although the British kings called themselves Kings of France since before Henry's time up until the 1800.

Francis was a good king in some ways, was the man most responsible for bringing the Renaissance to France, a great patron of the arts. He is also responsible for Canada, sent Cartier exploring up the Hudson and appointed Canada's first governor. But when the protestants in France got too pushy he persecuted them hard, practically creating a civil war and even wiped out whole villages. And he was always losing to Carlos, who was the king not only of Spain (and also beat Francis out of being the Holy Roman Emperor) but the king of Germany and northern Italy, so he had Francis surrounded. It is said that when he died he complained about the weight of the crown that he thought was a gift when he first got it.

It's hard work being a king, just ask Bush.

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