Saturday, April 28, 2007

Democratic Presidential Debate

I recorded it and watched it last night, and the pundits are all wrong. I'd say everyone did well except for Richardson, and Gravel was interesting but took on the role of court jester, being funny while saying some biting truths, but I don't see him as presidential material. This was the first time I got a good look at Kucinich and I have to say I was impressed, but not enough to put him in the top tier.

Edwards and Obama did not stumble at all, both were good and I would give the win to Edwards. He was thoughtful and forceful and, most important, he was original. All the others were parroting party lines in many cases but he had some unique things to say including a story about how poor his father was. Hillary did do the best I've ever seen her. Wasn't stiff or being a bad actor, but was on her game, intelligent and strong. Obama did worst of all three but still not bad at all. But I have long been expecting Obama to blow everyone away with the force of his personality and he didn't do that at all. If anything he seemed like someone in a bit over his head.

So the result is that Edwards is still my main man (unless Gore comes in). From what I've heard the guy is incredible in person, as magnetic as Bill Clinton was (and is) and he's been all over Iowa holding townhall meetings and leads the pack in that state. If he can take the Iowa caucus, and it looks like he can, he could take the whole thing.

Ed Schultz did a Townhall meeting with him last week and I was amazed at the sense of awe in his voice at the end of it and at how much he liked Edwards. His stand has always been that as a radio guy his job is to get all candidates on his show and give them a platform and let the listeners make up their own minds. If he endorses any candidate that could ruin that whole idea so he doesn't. But the way he talked about Edwards after meeting him personally sounded like he was ready to endorse him on the spot and just barely held back.

In conclusion I don't think Obama is going to overtake Hillary, she's been in the lead all along and I see her keeping that lead after this debate. Edwards is kind of the stealth candidate who can go to each state as their primaries are coming up and build up huge momentum for himself, enough to take the lead. So I think it will be a race between the two of them and Obama will be the VP of the winner.

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