Thursday, April 19, 2007

Painkiller Jane

Sci Fi Friday is back! Yay! It's about time, I really hate the long hiatus that most shows seem to have these days. Although I have to admit that Stargate is getting a bit old, the two shows seemed like they'd been done before. I mean, how many impossible, absolutely inescapable situations can they get out of? Last season for Stargate SG1, I don't think I'll miss it except I'll be sorry to see Ben Browder out of work again. He's going to start thinking he's cursed. Stargate Atlantis seems a bit ho hum, too. I'll still watch it, after all, even mediocre sci fi is worth watching.

But the good news is there's a new show on this time, Painkiller Jane. I was expecting it to resume where the movie left off but instead they started completely from scratch, new characters, new concept, everything. I liked how this time no one knew why she was different including her. She falls from 46 floors and survives, and she's as surprised as anyone. And then there's Kristanna Loken, what's not to love about a big, beautiful Viking woman, yum. Must be my Scandinavian heritage coming out. Too early to tell how good the series will be but I definitely like Loken and will definitely be watching next week.

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