Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Darcy's Birthday

Today is 9 years since her lung transplant, she calls it her birthday. Back then there was a 20% 5 year survival rate. Of the 5 other people transplanted at USC at around the same time all were dead at the 5 year point, only Darcy is left. 9 years is really quite a long time for lung transplants and the drugs she takes have definitely taken a toll. She looks like skin and bones now, hardly any muscle to speak of, and her skin looks thin as paper and just as fragile. And she is too sick to go out more than once a week now. Breaks my heart to see her like this, I can only hope we have more time. Her friend Gail made it to 11 years.


Village Green said...

Happy birthday Darcy! May those lungs keep going and going for you both.

KevinBBG said...

Darcy said thanks. I think she's kind of amazed that she's made it for this long, 9 years is really something for a lung transplant.