Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gas Prices and God

Vjack at Atheist Revolution has an interesting story about one of the good side effects of our high gas prices - fewer people are going to church!
When the Rev. Robert E. Dennis notes that gas prices are necessitating some difficult choices by American seniors (e.g., gas, food, medication, etc.), he is on the right track. However, I have to fault this group for suggesting that church should even be among such considerations. That their "offerings" are down 20% looks rather trivial against increases in home foreclosures and seniors having to chose between medication and food!

The problem is that it will cut into the Good Rev's income. I wonder if most reverends live next to their churches and don't have to drive to work? Anyway, if they were all that upset over it all they have to do is pray for lower gas prices. Bible says prayer can move mountains, gas prices should be easy. Oh wait, someone tried that already, holding prayer meetings at gas stations and it didn't work. Now that's odd.

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