Friday, May 9, 2008

Super Delegates

Now Obama has taken the lead in Super Delegates, having gained 12 since the Tuesday elections while Hillary has only gotten 2, but she also lost 2 who jumped ship to Obama.
Sen. Obama, D-Ill., picked up two superdelegates this morning giving him a new metric to tout in addition to his current commanding leads in pledged delegates, popular votes, states won, and money raised.

So he leads in just about every category, I can't think of any others to add in there, except of course among hard working uneducated white people (I'm going to fume over that for a looong time). Eugene Robinson, my favorite commentator on Countdown after Rachel Madow, also said he was incensed when he heard what Hillary said.

As a statement of fact, that's debatable at best. As a rationale for why Democratic Party superdelegates should pick her over Obama, it's a slap in the face to the party's most loyal constituency -- African Americans -- and a repudiation of principles the party claims to stand for. Here's what she's really saying to party leaders: There's no way that white people are going to vote for the black guy. Come November, you'll be sorry.

How silly of me. I thought the Democratic Party believed in a colorblind America.

You tell 'em, my black brother! This 54 year old hard working white guy is with you 100%. Hillary sounds more like a republican every day. She really ought to just quit before she damages herself even further.

McCain said Obama was the favorite candidate of Hamas. Do we need any more evidence that he is a stupid old man? Doesn't matter, Obama had no chance with the stupid, white, old man vote. Most of them would have trouble getting those hoods off in time to vote anyway. Obama came back and said McCain has lost his bearings. Now isn't that just a fine put-down? It's hard to even be insulted by that, the guy just has class and style. The McCain people said it was a barb about McCain's very advanced age. I guess you would have to be a stupid, old white guy to have made that connection, and an even stupider, old white guy to think bringing up McCains' VERY advanced age was a good idea.

Did I mention that if he is elected he will be the OLDEST guy ever elected to the office?

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