Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary is Lying

One of my pet peeves of the media today is they don't give the facts, they just repeat sound bites. If it takes a bit of effort to explain the situation then they won't do it. This even includes Olbermann and Matthews last night on election coverage, I thought those guys would educate, but no. They actually spent more time talking about how complicated it all is than it would have taken to explain it.

What is Hillary's big lie? She keeps saying she has won the popular vote and this is flat out false in many ways. And not only false it involves going back on the rules of the Democratic Party that both candidates signed an agreement to when all this started. Haven't we seen enough lies and going back on their word from the Bushies? We don't need another president who does this.

She gets more votes when she adds in Michigan and Florida, which they both agreed would not be counted. Those states broke the rules and to keep order the DNC had to give them some consequences for it or everyone would break the rules and we'd have chaos. Nobody campaigned in either state and Obama's name wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan and their rules don't allow them to count write in votes. Hillary won those states quite unfairly and she knows it but wants to count them now.

But there is more. Caucus states don't count the popular vote only the delegates. Weird, I know, but that's how it works. If we don't like the system then let's try and change it at some point in the future but not in the middle of the primary season. If we were to get all the numbers from all the caucus states, Obama won the popular vote by quite a substantial amount even if Hillary adds in Michigan and Florida. Another rule is that we count delegates, not popular votes, which is why the caucuses don't need to count the popular vote. So popular vote is irrelevant anyway.

So, to summarize, Hillary only appears to have the popular vote if she cheats in several ways and goes against the rules she signed her name to. I am not amused by these baldfaced lies from her nor by the media failing to explain the real situation. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who don't follow this stuff closely who think maybe Hillary should get the nomination if she has more of the popular vote, and that is just wrong. People need to know that Obama has won by every measure we have and Hillary is acting like George Bush trying to start a war in Iraq and I've had more than my fill of those kinds of lies.

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