Thursday, May 8, 2008

Life In America

Every once in a while there are lots of things I want to write a little comment on instead of a whole post, in the past I've called it Tidbits.

Apparently, Lindsey Lohan stole a coat from a night club and then returned it. The owner is suing her for $10,000 for unauthorized rental.

I know I talk about politics, atheism and Mac, and I often am incensed at the amount of coverage this kind of crap gets - - - but this one is just TOO funny.


Bill and Hillary from many, many years ago. I wonder if they were starry eyed idealists back then, hippies looking for love and peace? I wonder if they had any inkling of where their lives would be today back then? Probably not. Life is pretty bizarre, isn't it?

Too bad she won't ever be president, I think she'd most likely make a good one, although I'm a bit afraid of her right wing leanings. I hope her and Obama can work something out and she becomes his VP. He can set her on one task - reforming medical care.

Most likely this is our next president, get used to it. I just hope he lives up to the possibility I see in him of being the next FDR. I'm pretty relieved to see an end to the Bush/Clinton Oligarchy.

As VP I'd like to see Jim Webb (if he can't get Hillary). Webb would be good as the southern white guy who has a strong military background. Bill Richardson as Secretary of State, Al Gore as Secretary of Energy with a mandate to get us off oil as much as possible. John Edwards as Attorney General, set him off to clean up the Justice Dept like a bulldog going in for the kill.

In Florida a teacher was fired for doing a magic trick in class. What was it? He made a toothpick disappear - this got him fired with the charge of - wait for it - - - WIZARDRY!! No, that is not a typo, he was fired for wizardry, and by people who run a school! What century is this anyway? Stay out of Florida or you might get burned at the stake.

Hillary said today that it was the hard working white Americans who voted for her. Does that mean it's only the lazy-assed blacks who voted for Obama? Imagine if Obama had even mentioned getting the black vote, the press would be all over him, but that's OK, Hillary is white so she can get away with it.

This whole campaign is showing just how bigoted America really is and just how low Hillary can sink. Forget her as VP, let's have Richardson as VP. A black man and a Hispanic on one ticket, gotta love it and why not? The bigots aren't going to vote for him anyway but this way he will get the Hispanic vote, imagine turning all those Cubans in Miami into democrats?

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