Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Gas Tax

Hillary is going to town on this gas tax holiday thing, stealing the idea directly from McCain. She likes it so much she has even run a TV ad making it look like Obama is not interested in helping people out.

The truth is she is never going to make this happen this summer as she says, and she damn well knows it. Even if it got through congress - and not even democrats want to vote for it - Bush will veto it. And Obama has said it's pure political pandering, he even had good reasons for thinking that because they did this very thing in Illinois. They dropped the state gas tax while Obama was in the state legislation and he voted for it. When they looked at it a year later they discovered that the gas at the pump never got lowered, the oil companies just pocketed the extra money. It was a free givaway to them, and Hillary is smart enough to know this.

So the truth of it is Hillary intends to give nothing at all to the people, she is just trying to make it look like she is and whore for votes. But as we all know, perceptions are far more important than facts in politics. Obama spoke to the voters like they were adults and could understand the concepts involved, Hillary treated them like little kids who will get all excited and never bother to look behind the curtain for the real Oz. Of course, Hillary's is the better campaign strategy. It also shows that Obama really does have hope that the American public isn't stupid.

And then there is all the Republicans sneaking over to the Democratic primaries to vote for Hillary because Rush told them to. If it wasn't for Rush pushing this I think Hillary would have lost this whole thing back during the Texas/Ohio primaries. And all the Democrats voting for Hillary are helping the Republicans.

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