Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Indiana and North Carolina

Yesterday I said I thought Hillary's Gas Tax Holiday stupidity would win the day over Obama telling the truth.

I was wrong! Obama won by 14% in North Dakota and only lost by 2% in Indiana, that's a damn good showing. It's nice to know that Hillary's blatant vote pandering with something she knew she could never get done and wouldn't help anyone if she could, didn't work. This shows that Obama can win by treating Americans as adults, really quite amazing and unexpected.

And, it appears, the Rev Wright didn't have much affect either, or perhaps it went the other way, people voted for him because he was being picked on by the media over something he had no control over.

People, especially the Super Delegates, were beginning to get nervous about Obama, he seemed to be reeling from some heavy punches and all were doubting if he really was the guy. But this decisive victory today shows he is still the man.

I still feel sorry for Hillary, she is a great campaigner and would most likely have blown away anybody but Obama. She just ran at the wrong time but had no way to know it would be the wrong time. Who could have guessed Obama would have this kind of impact so quickly? Notr me and not anybody. I'm thinking again that an Obama/Hillary ticket could be a good thing. Both have brought in new voters and got people excited enough to vote in record numbers. With Hillary on the ticket Obama could pull in all of her supporters, 40% of whom say they will not vote for Obama if he gets the nomination. It would pull the two sides together and also guarantee Hillary using her formidable campaigning skills for Obama in the general election at full strength.

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