Saturday, August 2, 2008

Arrogant or Uppity?

The horrible crime Obama has been accused of this week is of being arrogant. In case it's not clear to everyone, this is just downright stupid. Nobody runs for president who isn't arrogant and if you look back on the last 50 years of presidential elections you'll see that the more arrogant of the two was usually elected.

So why are people saying this? The most ridiculous charge this week is that Obama is too thin to be president. Anybody with a brain must be hitting their foreheads against their computer desk right now. Can it get any more stupid?

But there is a reason for this, it is subtle code, meant for those who don't even realize it is code. It's for those people just very slightly bigoted, so slight that they would tell you, with great anger, that they were NOT a bigot and how dare you if you asked them. But deep down all these messages about what Obama is says to the primitive part of our brains that he's different, he's not really like us, and the different is always feared in that reptile brain we all still have.

Most people won't fall for this, but some will, and they keep hammering and hammering so that people will get more and more concerned about Obama as the election gets closer. They won't really understand why he makes them uncomfortable, because most people are not in to self examination. And it won't take a lot, just enough to push the election towards McCain a bit and the Republican operatives will tweak the voting machines enough to steal the election.

Obama IS arrogant AND uppity, and that's just the way it should be. So is John McCain but that's OK because he's white.


Village Green said...

Great rant! I think your best yet. You sound like you are feeling better.

KevinBBG said...

I'm a bit better but not over it yet. This is just a few weeks of rants built up. Even sick I watch the news and yell at the screen but haven't had a chance to post blogs on it yet. So when I write a lot of frustration comes out.