Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joe Biden

So Obama has made his choice for Vice President. Is it a good one? Yeah, I think so, better than anyone else available, that's for sure. While I like Hillary she brings too much baggage - especially Bill. Bayh and Kaine were just too weak and too unknown. Biden brings a lot of weight, more so than even Hillary. But I've heard some of his history that has really impressed me.

He was first elected to the Senate when he was 29 years old (he's now 65). A major achievement for a guy from a working class family. And even today he is the least wealthy Senator, which means he hasn't been in it for the money.

Before he even took the oath of office his family was in a car crash, his wife and daughter were both killed and his 2 sons were hurt. He was going to drop out of the Senate but the leadership talked him out of it. But the one thing he did was take the train home every night to Delaware so he would be there with his sons when everyone got up in the morning. Five years later he remarried and had another daughter and continued to take the train home every night to this day. And one of his sons is about to deploy to Iraq.

Now that is one hell of a story.

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Village Green said...

He's as close to being Hillary as possible, so I'm cool with it.