Friday, August 15, 2008

Bullying and Intimidation

"Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century."

Look at that sentence carefully, might it be Ted Kennedy talking to Bush about his foreign policy? Or the head of just about any other country on earth talking to Bush. No, the above was said by Bush to Putin about his invasion of Georgia. Yes, really, George Bush actually said the above and was able to keep a straight face.

And if Putin doesn't listen to Bush what is George going to do about it? We no longer have a military that can engage any where in the world no matter what the reason. You heard Barack Obama, it will take 16 months to pull our troops out of Iraq and that's only if everything goes perfectly. Then the troops would have to be re-equiped to be employed elsewhere, because all of our equipment - costing billions of dollars - is useless from all those years in the desert and we will just leave it there. And guess what? No one thought ahead in the Bush administration (hard to believe, eh?) and companies haven't been churning out replacements like crazy. They have for some but not enough to reoutfit our entire military.

I know! We can just send Blackwater over there, no need for any of Bush's people to do any planning or anything, they find that kind of thing really taxing. And so what if the cost of a mercenary army is 10 times what our actual army costs, heck, that's what the government is for; making a few very rich people very, VERY rich. At least, that's what the neocons think a government is all about. And paying billions of tax dollars to rebuild the infrastructure of countries we've bombed, too. After all if we used that money to actually rebuild the infrastructure here Americans would become soft socialists instead of hardened individuals. Those still left alive, that is. Evolution at work.

I was just astonished by Bush saying such a thing to anyone. Has he looked in a mirror lately? I constantly get the impression that Bush thinks rules don't apply to him, even his own rules. He can do whatever he wants and it's nothing like whatever anyone else does.

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Village Green said...

Bush is a freaking idiot. Looks like if he can't get us bombing Iran before he's out of office, he'll get us into WWIII with Russia by invading Poland. Somebody get the straight jacket out, please!