Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary at the Convention

Yesterday Hillary spoke. It was long awaited and many felt this was the speech that was needed to unite the party. Everyone seemed concerned about it but I wasn't, she's a pro.

And she absolutely blew the whole place away, her speech absolutely perfect in every detail, the best she's ever given, I think. She not only firmly supported Obama and said he must get into the White House for any of her issues to be addressed, but she managed to blast Bush and McCain, as well as make herself look good. It was as if she wanted to let everyone know what they were missing by not having her as the candidate.

But she was quite clear on her support of Obama, nearly putting it as a betrayal of her to allow McCain to become president. She didn't say it directly but it was a strong under current. Anyone who supported her and will now vote for McCain is an idiot who is beyond redemption.

I feel a little sad, though. The fact is she would have been a great candidate and if she had run at any other time, or if Obama had not been there, she would have been a lock for getting the Democratic presidential nomination. But Obama was there and ran a better campaign than Hillary did. Her's was dysfunctional, his was brilliant.

I'm not sure we ended up with the best candidate, but that's the way it worked out and we have to go forward with what we have.


Susan said...

I think we ended up with the best candidate. Hillary might have made a better President, though. But I believe that Obama will do well and will be smart enough to surround himself with intelligible, knowledgable people to whom he will actually listen.

Susan Culp
Texas SDEC

KevinBBG said...

Well, compared to Bush how could he be anything but brilliant? But I have been a bit disappointed in how he has acted, he's been way too aloof and lets McCain get away with too many serious attacks on him. This is why I think they have closed in the polls.

I excused him by saying he will kick it into full gear after the Convention, but that's just being hopeful. But that's the first reason I thought of for him picking Joe Biden as VP. Joe can go on attack against McCain and Bush and do it brilliantly.

So we will see what kind of president he makes if he wins.

I thought you were at the Convention?

Susan said...

No, I was only a superdelegate to the State level (and will be again in 2010). There were so many people who wanted to go to National and so few spots, in light of my being reelected it seemed selfish to try for National as well.

Susan Culp
Texas SDEC