Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Sick But Not Smoking

My ribs still hurt really bad and I'm coughing like crazy. By the time 5 pm rolls by I am so tired I can hardly move. I was awakened at 2 am last night by a violent coughing fit that lasted at least 10 minutes and disrupted my sleep.

But I haven't had a cigarette since last Friday. That's pretty damn good for me. Even better, I've actually lost weight while I've been cutting back on smoking, really unheard of. The Chantix has killed my appetite far more than curbing my desire to smoke. If I hadn't gotten the pneumonia I probably wouldn't have quite at all.

So I'm still limping forward, waiting for my lungs to clear and my ribs to stop hurting. Even just one of those would be good. At least I know how many houses I own, which is more than McCain can say. What a senile old fool he is.

And how great is it to be Michael Phelps right now? Talk about being on top of the world, 23 years old, feeling good because he is in fantastic shape, and the greatest Olympian of all time with the most Gold medals total and most gold medals at a single Olympics. I hear he will soon be worth $40 million.


Village Green said...

Good to hear you haven't had a puff for a almost a week. Be sure to celebrate every milestone. Now on to two weeks and three. Soon you will be marking it in terms of months and finally years free of the addiction. Speaking as one who knows and who also couldn't stop until I got sick!

Rooting for you!

todd said...

You deserve a huge supportive pat on the back.

They tell me that the first 48 hours are crucial. You are well beyond that.

Sorry to hear(read) about the pneumonia illness. Your quit smoking efforts will be rewarded with each day you continue on the path.

Let me know if I can help.

Best regards,