Friday, August 22, 2008

House . . .um - Houses?

Poor John, can’t remember how many houses he has. Everybody who has ever forgotten how many houses they own please raise their hands. And so the true elitist is discovered. No one except the Ultra Rich forgets how many houses they own. McCain was born into an Admiral’s family and so was a person of privilege from the beginning. Then in the 70’s he dumped his first wife and married the younger, and very rich, Cindy. So he has really been up in the clouds ever since. Really think he can understand the problems of you and me and everyone else living normal lives? Of course the economy seems fine to him, no way one of his 7 (maybe 8) houses will ever be repossessed. Gas prices? Do you really think this guy has ever pumped his own gas in many years?

Then there is Obama, father leaves when he is 2 so he is raised by a single mom, and later by his grandparents. Nothing elitist there. He worked his way through college and law school and he and Michelle managed to pay off their student loans not too long ago. That’s because he wrote a few books so some money was coming in and they are doing very well. Worth about $2 million last I heard. Pretty damn good for a kid with humble beginnings, but he’s talented. Sure, he’s special in the fact that he is very smart and worked his way up to a nice life, but if he wasn’t special he wouldn’t be a presidential candidate at the age of 47.

But he is not that far from his roots and is less of an Elitist than anyone who has ever run for president in my lifetime. He is as close to a “regular guy” as we are ever going to get for the job. The biggest elitist to run? George Bush. Born into a very rich and very politically powerful family, he never worked a day in his life. He was just good with his "Aw shucks" act.

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