Saturday, August 11, 2007

Coming Out Godless

Thanks to Atheist Revolution I've discovered a new site, Coming Out Godless. This is a place for all atheists to post to let people know how they became atheists. For most I think they had to fight out of the claws of a Christian family, for me it was different. I always was an atheist, even when I didn't know what one was. My mom tried to raise me as a Jew but it didn't take and after my Bar Mitzvah I told her I was done with this religious stuff.

In my late 20's I became a Buddhist which was pretty interesting and I still retain some Buddhist ideas, but really, Buddhism shouldn't even be called a religion though it is often practiced that way. It is also completely atheistic. The type of Buddhism I was in required faith which is something I was never good at, my natural skepticism just kept coming out and I had to give it up. It really is quite a relief to no longer need to make sense out of nonsense. With a rational and skeptical world view everything just makes sense and there is always new amazing knowledge - real knowledge - waiting just around the corner to discover.

But I'm very glad to say I was never a Christian.

So take a minute to stop by Coming Out Godless and email Intergalactic Hussy your story to post. Then stop by Atheist Revolution when you have time.

Right now I should mention Google Reader. If you have a lot of blogs you want to follow or just a few, put them into Google Reader and it keeps track of them for you and lets you know when there is a new entry to read, and you can even read them all in the Reader. Very handy.

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Intergalactic Hussy said...

Thanks for the plug!

"But I'm very glad to say I was never a Christian."

I can agree to that. Raised Jewish...and I also had my stint with Buddhism, though I embrace Zen Buddhism as a life philosophy. It helps me remain peaceful.