Monday, August 6, 2007

Democrats Cave In To Bush AGAIN!!

I am absolutely furious with the vote over the weekend on FISA. They gave Alberto Gonzales even MORE power to spy on us without any oversight at all, a guy Congress has been investigating, thinking of bringing charges against and called completely without credibility. Bush tells them they have to vote on this and they do and they vote for exactly what he asks for.

Here is an interesting blog from Richmond, VA with an explanation of why Jim Webb voted for this and with a statement from Webb. Looks like we can also blame Dianne Feinstein for this as well.

This was the part that pissed me off the most:

FISA has needed an overhaul for many years now. Be thankful that it will be Democrats that will rewrite this bill instead of the Republicans. If Republicans rewrote this bill most Americans would end up being implanted with microchips to monitor their private thoughts.

Talk about creating a fictional Republican boogie man against whom whimpy Democrats will look good. They have to do that because there is no other way to make themselves look good. Frankly I don't see this vote being any different at all if the Republicans were still in charge. Bush forced them to make this vote in a hurry and they went along with it, which means this lame duck president still seems to get everything he wants all the time and the dems are quaking in their boots every time Bush looks at them. And their excuse is they will fix it later because they put a 6 month limit in it. Why would anyone think they'd not let themselves get pushed around by Bush then?

I thought America and our Constitution had a chance of surviving when the Democrats won the majority of both houses of congress last year, but it appears I was too optimistic. They are investigating the White House and the Justice Department, but so what if they fail to do anything beyond investigate? The Republicans are laughing at them and the Democrats across the country are raging at them. What is wrong with these people? Are they stupid or just cowardly? Maybe both, near as I can tell.

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