Tuesday, August 7, 2007

FISA Anger

I've been searching the blogs on the FISA vote and man, are people angry. Even blogs that aren't normally political are talking about it and all the blogs and comments are about 100 to one against it. Even a friend who rarely posts to his blog had to put in an angry tirade against it - Wimpocrats and Republicrooks. The main thing I wanted to find was how to find the list of who voted for what when, by pure chance, I came across a blog by my friend Akkana that had that very info and how to find it in the future.

For the Senate.

For the House.

For my people Feinstein voted for it. I don't know how she has the nerve to call herself a democrat, I sure hope we can get rid of her in the next primary. Boxer didn't vote, wonder what was up with that, but I'm sure she would have voted against it. And in the House Loretta Sanchez voted against it. Way to go Loretta, you have my vote next time.

I don't know what the hell these people are thinking of, have they been so intimidated by the Republicans they just naturally salivate when Bush tells them to? Or are they just so completely out of touch with what the rest of America thinks of them? Each thing they do just makes them look even weaker than they did since the last thing. I think they were afraid of looking soft on homeland security and are just too stupid to have realized all the headlines would read "Democrats Cave In To Bush Again." Do they really think looking weak is going to make them look strong? Like I said - stupid.


denny said...

I agree with you dude. But you have to realize that both parties kiss big business ass.

KevinBBG said...

The dems may kiss it but the pubs are shoved up there to the waist.