Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Difficult Day

Darcy went in to the hospital last night in order to do a test this morning called a cardiac catheter. Basically, they push a small tube up a vein and inject contrasting fluid into her heart and scan it to see what is wrong. Unfortunately, that dye is very tough on her already damaged kidneys.

She is so weak now it hurts to look at her, just skin and bones. So I get nervous about these tests like I never used to, she seems so fragile I don't want her put through any kind of stress at all. I talked to her this morning and she said she was going to have it done soon. I waited - and waited - then started calling her cell phone. Now I'm getting really anxious. Around 3 pm I start calling around the hospital and finally get to her nurse who said they didn't take her down for the test until 1 pm, sheesh. They are like that over there, takes forever for anything. That explained the delay so I wasn't as worried - except I still was. The nurse said she would call me when she heard anything.

It was almost 3 hours later before I heard from her, she said they had just called her and said they were bringing Darcy up and she was OK. But I was so stressed by this point I ate half a box of Nestles Pinwheels for dinner. Finally, Darcy called me around 7. Her voice didn't sound good, all slurred, but I think that was just from the fact her mouth was so dry, she hadn't been allowed to drink anything all day. She was very tired and was not allowed to sit up for 2 more hours.

She should come home tomorrow but the worry hasn't left yet. I'm sure it won't be good news. From what her doctor said long term lung transplant patients start to develop heart problems, really, it just wears out. It took them a while to discover this because most patients don't live 9 years past surgery for these things to show up. We are on borrowed time.

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