Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Progressive Congress

Thanks to my friend, Long Live the Village Green, I just found out about a web site that rates how progressive your Senator or Congressman is, which I find very informative.
You can find out just how progressive your senators and your congressional representative are at Progressive Punch. Not only that, you can look at each member's voting record divided into key subject areas such as Housing, War & Peace, Heath Care under which all legislative action is listed along with your representative's vote compared with the Progressive vote.

She then has many good comments on various congresspeople and where they stand.

Looking at my own people I have to give props to Barbara Boxer who scored 95.07 and ranked 8 out of 100. Pretty good. Next is Dianne Feinstein who makes me clench my teeth and growl ever since she supported an anti-flag burning amendment. Surprisingly she scored 84.66 with a rank of 30 out of 100. Not great but better than I expected

For the House it's
Loretta Sanchez, who I don't know much about. I know that she is a democrat and that I was really happy when she first got elected because I had just moved into her district and voted for her, which means I voted against B1 Bob Dornan. That was probably my most satisfying vote ever. No one has heard much from B1 Bob since then, heh heh. Well, Loretta scores an 84.36 and ranks 142 out of 433. Pretty damn close to Feinstein which means not as good as I'd like but not too bad. WAAAYY better than B1 Bob would have scored, that's for sure.

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