Monday, August 20, 2007


Karl Rove has been making the rounds over the weekend to blast Hillary and say she is fatally flawed. Hillary keeps responding and getting lots of good publicity. Do most people really not see what is going on? Sadly, I think most don't.

The people in charge - rich people and corporations - want Hillary to be the Democratic nomination and are working hard to make it happen. First, they think Hillary really IS flawed so they think they have a chance if they run against her. Second, as part of the DLC she is the most corporation friendly of all the Democrats so if they can't stop a dem from getting elected they can at least choose the dem that suits them the best. So Rove is just playing a role to help Hillary get the nomination.

It's all a scam played by the people with money against the people without money. They keep squeezing the middle class so they are so busy just running the rat race that they can't pay attention to what is going on, especially if the corps make sure the real news of what is going is buried where only some people know how to find it. And since the big corps all own the main networks they can completely control what info the public gets.

Ever notice who they don't want to get the democratic nomination? John Edwards. You never hear about him except when it's about his hair, do you think that is just coincidence? In a poll I read in a newspaper - it never got on TV - when all the democratic candidates were matched against all the Republican candidates John Edwards was the guy who beat them all by the biggest margin, it was quite substantial. Obama came in second and Hillary came in third, just barely beating Giuliani by one point.

The sad thing is this isn't about who will be the best president, it's all about perception and manipulation. Edwards wins because he's the southern white boy, Hillary does badly because of an irrational hatred of her that the Republicans have been fanning for 15 years. But a little of it IS about who would be best president, it has to do with why the media doesn't like Edwards, because they don't own him. He's for the poor, not for business, and has enough money that he can't be bought. Hillary was bought long ago.

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