Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Republicans Can't Manage the Economy

Here is an article on Alternet that compares the financial records of democratic and republican presidents, there is simply no question that republicans should not be allowed to handle money. Here's a quote:
Democratic presidents spread the wealth through spending on needed social programs and targeting tax cuts to lower- and middle-income Americans, stimulating the economy more broadly. Republicans pump into defense contractors and high-income Americans, creating a significant detriment to the whole economy with larger deficits and higher interest rates.
The recent drops in the stock market have been blamed on all the home mortgages going belly up and poor sales even for Wal-Mart. A Wal-Mart spokesman said people have less money to spend by the end of the month. Gee, what a concept! People need money in their pockets in order to buy things, if the government takes money from the economic pool and moves it upward t
o the rich and to corporations then there is less spending by the poor and middle class who are getting badly squeezed.

This article discusses this very thing and provides facts, that when the money is spread around to those who need it most we have a more robust economy, when it goes to those already rich the economy stagnates. Make no mistake about it the government WILL redistribute the wealth, it's merely a question of which makes more sense; to spread it out to the poor and middle class or for the those very people to support the luxurious lifestyles of those already rich?

The real irony is that all that money going to the rich only helps them for a short time, when the workers run out of money the rich start making less as well. But they are always too short sighted to see that and just get greedy. They really do think they are special and the poor deserve their fate by being less worthy.

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